In this section you have THE BEST 20 Morocco Private tours for 2020. In addition to itineraries and useful information you need (Hotels, Luxury Riads, Restaurant, Places to visit, Things to do …).

We spend years discovering and exploring the best of Morocco, to offer you the heart of our country. As a result, we offer you these 20 Morocco private tours.

This allows you to discover Morocco according to the theme of your choice (Muslim Tour, Jewish tour, group tour…) as well as the duration of your choice, going from 7 days to 20 days. All this can be personalized according to your special choices and requests.

In these tours we accompany you to different unique locations and regions of Morocco. Whether you prefer the beach and fresh summery places. Mountains and trekking, the desert experience and outdoor breathtaking nights under the stars.

In fact, our team had put together the popular and most wanted activities that our visitors had enjoyed and experience once in their visit to Morocco.

20 private varied tours that give you the taste of each region in Morocco while learning the full culture and history. Meeting locals and sharing stories with them and the basics of some common Moroccan crafts.


We guaranty you the best Morocco Private Tours, full of joy and adventure. Indeed, a lot of surprises are waiting for you. We are expert in personalized trips in Morocco with over 20 years of experience.

A team of welcoming professional multilingual drivers, guides in each city as well as desk agents.

The itineraries below includes accommodations from economic to luxurious one. Transfers from and to airport, pick up/to hotels and guided tours in cities.

In addition to that, private luxury air-conditioned vehicles adapted to the number of visitors. We have no limit, we can welcome a group of visitors whose size exceed 25 visitors.

To conclude, don’t hesitate to contact us if you have a question, a suggestion, an adaptation for one of our private tour. We welcome your messages and calls any time.