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Middle atlas of Morocco

Day trip from Fez to Middle Atlas : Cedar forests, Ifrane…

Duration: 9 hours

Just a trip to Morocco you might need to visit the Middle...

Blue city of Chefchaouen, Morocco

Trip from Fez to Chefchaouen : Akchour Waterfall

Duration: 9 hours

Well known for its calm shades of blue set against crunchy white...

Volubilis, Morocco

Trip from Fez to Volubilis and Meknes

Duration: 9 hours

Historical overview: Volubilis which is popularly regarded as the ancient capital of...

Essaouira Day Trip
Featured / Reduced

Essaouira Day Trip from Marrakesh

Duration: 9 hours

Previously referred to as Mogador, Essouira is a charming city and negligent...

Middle Atlas, Morocco

The happy Land Excursion from Fez

Duration: 8 hours

Love to travel? Yeah! So do we. We also love weed, and...